We firmly believe that throughout London institutions there is space for a society which focuses on the intersectionality between Classics and Race. The very makeup of Classics is foregrounded in Western imperialism and White Eurocentric power is foregrounded and historically glorified. We believe that now is the necessary time to create a space that acknowledges these problematic foundations and facilitates the discussion of approaches to rectify, or ‘decolonise’ Classics.

We have 3 main goals:

  • Strong commitment to decolonisation of the curriculum
  • Education of students in the relationship between Classics and Race
  • Creation of a safe space for students of colour.


Through talks with scholars; reading groups and discussion groups surrounding strategies for decolonisation; socials, such as movie and quiz nights; and pastoral, in the form of relaxed, welcoming discussion groups surrounding our personal experiences of studying Classics, we hope to achieve these goals.