Our society firmly believes that our speakers and contributors deserve to be compensated for the decolonisation work that they perform within the field; too often it is an exhausting and time-consuming process. In a bid to ensure that from now on our speakers are paid for their efforts, we are now kindly requesting donations from our supporters. 100% of proceeds will go to the maintenance of this society and the payment of speakers.

As a non-profit, we aim to be absolutely transparent with where the donations we receive will go. As such, we have listed all our expenses below:
– Payment for guest speakers, including travel expenses
– Renting venues when necessary
– Event-hosting costs (food, water, etc)
– Purchase of our website domain
– Online resources (e.g. Zoom)

We also have new merchandise available on Redbubble, from which 100% of the profits will be used for the purposes listed above.


If you would like more information about our finances and spending, please email us at!